about us

19th-century SamuraiMany years ago, during the feudal era of Japan, an ancient samurai clan discovered the secret to making the best pizza in the world. This samurai clan kept their recipe secret for 100s of years, even under threat of theft by cunning ninja and determined chefs. Only after years of research, did this lost recipe finally come to light in 2014 when Samurai Pie opened its first location in the heart of San Diego’s Gas Lamp district. Samurai Pie is a place that pizza lovers could call their own and recommend it with pride to their friends and family. In addition to making delicious pizza, Samurai Pie offers Sake pairings that enhance the flavor profile of our most popular offerings.

At Samurai Pie, we believe in quality ingredients, no bullshido. Our handcrafted pizzas are baked to perfection in our custom built pizza oven. We use only quality ingredients, freshly chopped produce, flavor rich sauces and a variety of dough options and toppings that is like a roundhouse kick of deliciousness to your taste buds. Every great pizza needs a companion and our wide craft beer and sake offerings will deliver a great tasting meal you will enjoy with every bite.

Sake…with pizza? We’re not the only ones:

from The Splendid Table
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